About the project

The subject of the project
is a comprehensive analysis of naturalism and constructivism, which have been among the dominant programs in philosophical discourse in recent decades. The ambition of the project is a critical metaphilosophical reflection on both approaches to philosophy and partial topics within particular philosophical fields. The main significance of the project lies in identifying the possibilities and limits of naturalism and constructivism as metaphilosophical programmes, and in mainly in exploring their possible compatibility within a broader theoretical perspective.

The main aim of the project is a comprehensive and critical investigation of the nature and foundations of naturalism and constructivism, an analysis of set of their interrelations as metaphilosophical programs, and an analysis of the extent and manner of their penetration into particular philosophical disciplines. Within this focus, the implications of adopting a naturalistic or constructivist approach for the understanding of philosophy, scientific knowledge, and for the treatment of particular philosophical topics will be evaluated.

The basic hypothesis of the project is formulated as follows:

"For the implementation of naturalistic and constructivist approaches, it is possible to formulate a broader theoretical perspective that is internally consistent and within which both approaches appear as complementary."

Partial goals identified in accordance with the main hypothesis of the project:

  1. Systematically examine the nature of naturalism and constructivism and classify their forms.
  2. To support the classification of contemporary naturalistic and constructivist movements by an analysis of their historical sources and critiques.
  3. Critically examine and evaluate the benefits and risks of naturalistic and constructivist approaches to redefining the nature of philosophy and to specific philosophical problems in particular fields.
  4. To interpret the results of empirical sciences that underlie attempts to naturalize traditional philosophical themes. To assess the acceptability of interpreting scientific knowledge as a socio-cultural construct.

Timeline of the project:

Phase A (July 1, 2023 - December 31, 2024): conceptual-analytical work and critical research on the nature of naturalism and constructivism including their historical sources.

Phase B (January 1, 2025 - December 31, 2026): focus on the mutual differences between naturalism and constructivism and their intersections in the solution of partial philosophical problems.

Phase C (January 1, 2027 - June 30, 2027): evaluating and systematizing the partial results of the first and second phases.